Saturday, 21 January 2012

best charity shop buy ever?

Got all this from a charity shop today for £9!! all the original cases for the lenses too and instruction manuals, really cannot believe my luck. Off into the Lake District next weekend to have a good play around with my new toy!

It's been a lucky week for cameras! I also picked this up from a charity shop on Tuesday for £4, I think it's so lovely.

Couple week ago I also managed to get this flash for my Praktica for £2 on ebay, I've had this Praktica since I was about 10 years old, it's my pride and joy!Original packaging from the flash, thought it was quite nice.

Heres a few more cameras I have..

I got this one last summer from the same charity shop I just got the first lot from, was only 50p. Although it's a 126 film I have found a video which shows you how to load it with a 35mm, must have a go at this soon!!

All taking on my iPhone, sorry for shoddy quality images

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