Monday, 14 May 2012

Lately I've been looking at

More Charles Burns, you just cant resist a cracking Vincent Price though.

Kristian Hammerstad

 Not too sure who done this is either.

 And again, not sure who done this but I love the pastel colours in it.

Jean Effel

Benjamin Rabier, I bloody love my cats and anything to do with cats, this is lovely.

Rene Bresson

Flickr. Really nice Devo print

Patrick Leger, I am completely in love with his work at the minute.

Nathalie Parain

 Ada arrived today, by Atak. Nobrow never ever disappoint. It's really really gorgeous, a complete half tone and over print overdose, yum!

New issue of Little White Lies arrived this week aswell, really great issue nicest one they've had for a while I think. And some great movie reviews and interviews in it.

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